New to Denver – Bella I am a firecracker with charisma & charm I’m not like any other woman you have ever encountered before. I’m mature, articulate and discreet. You will enjoy my natural ability to make those around me feel comfortable, as well as my optimistic, non-judgmental and easy-going personality. My smile speaks volumes of my positive outlook. I’m filled with the maturity of many life lessons, yet youthful and sometimes a bit silly. You will find me gregarious with a bit of a dry, dark and sarcastic sense of humor accompanied by a contagious laugh. NO TRADES – Cash or Credit Cards (sorry no American Express) – credit pricing is different please ask English Speaking Only Serious and Ready to make an appointment YOUR Place – house, hotel or apartment (no cars or trucks) Would Love to meet your acquaintance Bella 303-778-9300 Activities this service provider may enjoy Lunch / dinner dates Massage – sensual Striptease Will entertain couples


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