As a hand knocks on the door and the handle turns, your heart leaps.

In the doorway we stand, for a moment, and then time resumes.

We talk, over dinner, across the room. I smile a wicked little grin.

Your eyes don’t know where to focus; you’re surprised by the intensity of my gaze.

There’s a reason why you’re here, why you’re reading this.

We all need a little kindness in our lives and I am an expert at wish-fulfillment


I know just a little bit about nearly everything, with a voracious appetite to learn more. I’m an accomplished painter, avid reader, and stellar to mediocre video gamer, depending on the genre. I’d love to hear more about whatever has been rolling around in your head lately.

I have a soft spot for thoughtful gifts; if you’re sweet to me, I’ll be doubly sweet to you. Kindness is the attribute I am most attracted to. I’m lucky to be lavishly spoiled on a regular basis; if you have a generous heart, you’ll sneak your way into mine.



To get a real taste of my passions, I recommend reading a bit of my blog or following me on twitter!

Reading has been my most consistent passion; I don’t go a day without reading something new. From science fiction to non-fiction, I’ve read something from nearly every genre. At the moment, books that challenge traditional notions of literary device are my favorite; I love a clever little post modern treat.

I’ve spent some time dabbling with oil painting and studying art history. I’m one of those silly people who can endlessly walk through museums, mouth agape.

I also thoroughly enjoy video games. I tend more towards turn-based strategy games, like Civilization, but have become more open-minded of late.